The First Ureteroscopy & Laser Fragmentation “Flexible Uretero-Renoscopy (FURS) & Stone Fragmentation Surgery” was successfully held at OR department by the Urologist at Baakleen Medical Center Dr. Wissam Abdel Samad
Description of Operation Procedure:
Stones up to 2cm in diameter present in the kidney can be treated directly using a thin flexible telescope passed from bladder to kidney.
Laser is used to break up the stone(s) and a basket retrieval device to remove the fragments. FURS is a complex surgical procedure which should be discussed with urologist,before patient choose to go ahead. Again, it is likely that a temporary stent after the procedure is needed; if second-phase operation (e.g. for one of the larger stone fragments) is needed.
So, patient may need to keep the stent in for several weeks between procedures; it can only be safely removed when all the stones have been cleared.