Our medical center is committed to providing high-quality healthcare in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Our team of skilled professionals uses the latest technology and treatments to provide individualized care. We prioritize making healthcare accessible and affordable for all.


Our mission is to provide exceptional and compassionate healthcare to our patients through the use of advanced technology and treatments, while building strong patient relationships and making healthcare accessible and affordable for all people.


Baakleen Medical Center was certified by MOPH they increased the hospital grade to T2 according to accreditation standards in 2018. This is due to the increase in patients’ satisfaction, hospital capacity, number of surgeries and low mortality rate.

Baakline Medical Center Departments and Staff

 ER  &  Polyclinic

Ambassodor Okubo Attends the Inauguration Ceremony of a Japanese Funded Project at the Baakline Medical Center


Medications for Chronic diseases and regular diseases by MOPH according to availability.


Medications and Medical Supplies by Farah Foundation according to availability.


Medical Equipment for Polyclinic department by Japanese Embassy in Lebanon in 2022.

Two Patients’ Bed by Artist Michele Abou Sleiman in 2022.

Four Patients’ Bed by Rotary Club -Shouf in 2021.

Ventilators by Rotary Club -Shouf in 2021 during COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021.

Medications and Medical Supplies by Lebanese Army after Beirut Explosion in 2020.

Financial donation of 50,000 USD by H.E Walid  Jounbolat in 2018.


Second hand Medical Equipment for Operating Room by Saint- Joseph Hospital in 2016.


Renovation for Maternity Department by Patient Care Association for Baakleen Hospital in 2012.

Ophthalmology Working Station for Ophthalmology Clinic by Rotary Club – Chouf and Rotary Club of Genesee valley Flint, Michigan in 2011.


Medical Equipment for Laboratory Department by Japanese Embassy in 2008.

Construction for the 2nd Floor by Mr. Ibrahim Abou Ayash years 1986-1988, Mr Ibrahim Abou Ayash financially helped BMC to build this 2nd floor by purchasing all the building material along with a new generator, the heating system, and mechanical equipment through Seek Company.

N.B: There are minor donations not listed above. However, regardless of the amount, dollar with dollar can do difference and helps a lot. Any information shown under request.